Mother, Marry Me is the final puzzle piece to a three year trilogy. Prior pieces to the trilogy include, Away! Anchored Agunah, + Lovely Ladies Lick Lots of Lentils. This work originally developed from exploring “unfinished work” in art history and applying it through the lens of movement. While these works have stood alone, they build off of one another to create a community of women discovering their timeline significance. Through both community and singularity, these women assemble an environment specific to their wishes and desires.

Choreography by: Micayla Wynn
Elyse Mertz Photography
Dancers: Marin Day, Anna Gichan, Sam Lore, Charlotte Stout
costumes: Stacy Collado
illustration: Ariel Wills

This piece is made possible through Spoke The Hub’s People’s Choice Concert and will premiere @ Old First Reformed Church (729 Carroll St. Brooklyn, NY 11215) on November 2, 2019 @ 7:30pm and November 3, 2019 @ 5pm. Ticket info HERE!