A dance exploring the unfinished lens of a kinesthetic experience. Characters and relationships take root as these women strut, scream and shimmy through space. As preordained, survival of the human spirit embraces congregation of souls who battle life’s hostilities while seeking transient joy.

Choreography by: Micayla Wynn 
Performers: Mariana Orozco Arango, Anna Gichan, Kristina Kong, Joselin Martinez, Adriana Santoro, Charlotte Stout, Julia Wasilewski, Kennyth Montes de Oca Mercedes

Lighting Design: Joshua Schulman
Costume Design: Carol Wright-Wynn
Set Design: David Mortellito
Photography: John Evans and Brayden Donnelly

Presented at Victoria J. Mastrobuono Theatre
New Brunswick, NJ
April 2017

Presented at Triskelion's Summer Shake-Up Series
Brooklyn, NY
August 2017